Swagger Sharma Cast, Girlfriend Biography, Height & Net Worth

Swagger Sharma Cast, Girlfriend Biography, Height & Net Worth

Swagger Sharma

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In today’s world everyone uses YouTube to watch videos. On YouTube there are many types of content available like entertainment , gameplay , knowledge , etc   . Many people watch YouTube videos for entertainment . Here on YouTube there are so many channels which provide entertaining content . But here is the special youtubers name Shivam Sharma owner of very popular YouTube channel Swagger Sharma .


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 Did you know swagger Sharma biography ?  real name ? Birthday ? Girlfriend , etc then we give all information about Swagger Sharma in this article .

So let’s get started ,

Who is Swagger Sharma ?

Swagger Sharma is the most famous Indian comedian Youtuber. While his real name is Shivam Sharma. He was born on November 17, 1996 in Haryana, India. Recently, it crossed 3.50 million subscribers on its Youtube channel. Swagger gained fame and popularity after posting the video “Sharing cab with Ex”. The video spread on youtube and gained over 15 Million views and 500k likes.

Swagger Sharma YouTube channel story ?

A year before the last year of his engineering , Shivam created a YouTube channel named Swagger Sharma and then on 25 February 2017, Shivam uploaded his first video.  Shivam had an idea about the YouTube channel from her girlfriend of the IIT,

His friends also called him Chhota Johnny Lever due to her acting. There is not much available on the internet in his family, due to which we would like to do nothing to you and request that if you know anything then we must tell.  Although Shivam’s father is an army officer, his mother is a housewife.

Shivam loves his mother very much.  Although everyone loves his mother very much, Shivam tells his mother the biggest gift of his life that God gave him.  In his early Journey, Shivam was the most supported by his mother.

Swagger Sharma girlfriend ?

The Swagger Sharma means Shivam was completing his  And shivam has a girlfriend in IIT college . After some time the girl asked Shivam for  break up , the girl from the IIT told her that my package of 50 lakhs has been imposed.

Swagger Sharma girlfriend name is  Rashmeet kaur Sethi

Swagger Sharma team


  • Shivam Sharma – Shivam writes the story himself and he also edits his videos.
  • Tushar – Tusshar who is from Bihar, he does cinematography for Swagger Sharma.  Which means that he handles the camera and directs the video.
  • Rishab – He is the younger brother of Tusshar and he also leaves his engineering and takes care of music in Swagger Sharma’s team.
  • Daksh – Acting in the team of Daksha Swagger.
  • Bhupendra – Just like Daksha, Bhupendra also acts in Swagger’s team.

What is the age and birthday of Swagger Sharma ?

  At 2021 age of Swagger Sharma means Shivam is 25 years . Swagger Sharma was born on November 17, 1996

Where did Swagger Sharma leave ?

 Swagger Sharma’s home Town is Gurugram , Haryana . He leaves her home in hometown .

Swagger Sharma Real incomes from YouTube ?

Here so many people want to know the real earnings of Swagger Sharma from youtube . But on YouTube earning increase and decrease according to advertisement rate hence real earning of Swagger Sharma can be different from this

Swagger Sharma Real incomes from youtube is nearly About 2000$ per month . This amount is nearly equal to  INR 1,40,000₹ .


What is the height of Swagger Sharma ?

 Height of Swagger Sharma is 5 feet 7 inch .

Swagger Sharma

Swagger Sharma story about YouTube channel ?

“News Reporter Shambhu” This video crossed more than 20 thousand views within 3 months.  Due to which Shivam got a lot of Confidence and then he started putting part time videos on Youtube.  By the beginning of the year 2018, he had completed his Engineering.

 After that he also got a job in a good company where he was getting 1 lakh rupees a month.  But he never stopped putting videos on Youtube, except Acting.  When Shivam, who is spending a lot of his time, uploaded a video of an IIT girlfriend on Youtube, the video went viral.

 While sitting in Shivam office, I was thinking that if I get about 50 thousand views on this video, then I will leave this job and become a Youtuber Full Time.  He was thinking that only then someone told him that Shivam Teri video has gone viral and it has got more than 5 views.

 As soon as he heard this, he did not believe it at first, but when he saw it with his own eyes, his feet were not just on the ground but in the air.  On the same day he quit his 1 lakh job and became a Full Time Youtuber.

 Swagger Sharma education and qualifications ?

Our one of favourite YouTuber Swagger Sharma studied from Army Public School and after her school for Qualification he took admission in B.Tech In Software( Internet Research) in Gandhi Institute of Science and Technology college .

What is the real net worth of Swagger Sharma ?

Net Worth of Swagger Sharma is upto  20 Lakh ₹  per year . From youtube .

Why did Swagger Sharma leave her job for YouTube channel ?

 Do you know that even for Shivam, who spread his comedy on the faces of millions of people, this path was not so easy.  Yes, Meerut-born Shivam Sharma was an engineer before YouTube.  Studied from Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, IP University Delhi.  Along with studies, he was also fond of acting and comedy.  Meanwhile, after spending four years in engineering, Shivam realized that he wanted to become a comedian entertainer, not an engineer.

 After completing engineering, Shivam’s family put two options before him.  Shivam go to Bangalore to work on a good package or stay in Delhi to become a YouTuber.  In such a situation, Shivam also listened to his heart and returned to Delhi.  The path was not easy, but Shivam refused to give up and focused only on hard work.

 In February 2017, Shivam uploaded the first video on his YouTube channel “Swagger Sharma”, which he shot with his friend in Manali.  In this way, when a large amount of people started reacting to their videos, then they started creating the content of the video in the format of the web series.  Every video of Shivam is being liked by the audience.

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